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Recent Tennessee Child Support Law Court of Appeals Decisions

Karen Elizabeth Touchton v. Paul Jerome Touchton
M2013-01749-COA-R3-CV 06/24/14
Authoring Judge: Judge Richard H. Dinkins
Trial Court Judge: Chancellor L. Craig Johnson
In this post-divorce proceeding, Mother filed a petition seeking a modification of Father’s parenting time, recovery of medical expenses incurred on behalf of the parties’ child, and an increase in child support. The trial court modified Father’s parenting time, ordered an upward deviation to Father’s support obligation, and awarded Wife judgment for one-half of the medical expenses and one-half of the attorney fees she incurred in prosecuting the petition;the court issued an order that the judgment for medical expenses, back child support, and attorney fees be enforced by wage assignment. Father appeals the upward deviation, the award forone-half of the child’s medical expenses,and the wage assignment; Mother appeals the award for one-half of her attorney fees. We modify the wage assignment order to exclude the amount of the judgment for attorney fees; in all other respects we affirm the judgment.
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