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Federal Estate Estate Tax Estimator

Instructions: Please complete items 1 through 5 below. Do not enter any information in the other boxes. Note that state taxes are omitted, and Tennessee will have no estate tax beginning in 2016. Please omit commas and periods from your entries.

1. Life insurance proceeds.

(Do not include proceeds that are protected by a life insurance trust.)

2. Pension, profit-sharing, IRA, and other retirement assets.

3. All other assets.

This is your gross estate.

4. Debts.

5. Charitable bequests.

This is your taxable estate.

Estate tax.

If you are single, this is the estate tax payable at your death. If you are married and the two of you leave all of your property to each other, this is the estate tax payable at the second death.

WARNING: This calculator cannot be used as a substitute for legal or tax advice. The calculator assumes that you die in 2015 with the current $5.43M exemption and make no significant lifetime gifts. If you are married, this calculator assumes that you and your spouse each own half of every asset. The calculator makes other important and potentially incorrect assumptions about your estate, and only applies to federal estate tax only. The tax due in any given case may be substantially higher or lower than is shown above, and may vary depending on your state of residence.

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