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Answers to general legal questions posed by the general public

by Memphis Attorney Christina Burdette

"Q: Child support and adoption...

...Have recently been given full permanent custody of my daughter and her half brother as well. Mother has one visit a week as long as I approve who what when where why and how and can even go and approve a home where she will take them. If I don't feel they are safe I don't have to let them go. My question is the mother has only seen the children twice in a year. Can I get child support for them? Also, can I adopt my daughters half brother who isn't mine and still get child support as well. Need help and what do I do and where."

A: You can file a petition requesting...

...child support no matter how many or how few days the mother sees the children. In Tennessee, child support is based on several factors: your income, the mother's income, the number of days the children are with the custodial parent, etc. Credit is given for health insurance coverage and daycare expenses. Also, the child support calculation takes into consideration the number of additional children that the parents are supporting. I can't answer your second question without knowing more information. Do you know the father of your daughter's half brother? If so, will he join in the adoption petition,agreeing to terminate his parental rights and agreeing to your adoption of the child? Will his mother join in the petition as well? Before you adopt your daughter's half brother, you can file a petition requesting child support from the biological father. If you adopt your daughter's half-brother, you cannot get child support.

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