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Answers to general legal questions posed by the general public

by Memphis Attorney Christina Burdette

Question: I need some clarity on my parenting plan... many nights does it mean and is there anything I can do before court? My sons mother has always let me have him 2-3 nights or more a week unless she spiratically changes Her mind. We are having problems now that she is in contempt of the plan by having a man live there. This is the 5th man He has harassed me and my wife showing up here and isn't stable. I told her that it was not okay and I was going to take her to court. Now she won't let me have my son. He has stayed 4 nights this month here. She says that's all I get. Here it what it states: According to the fathers present work schedule the father shall be permitted to excersize four consecutive nights on his seven day off work week. The father shall also be permitted to excersize co-parenting time on his three day off work week three consecutive days. How many nights am I allowed to have him?".

Answer: I would need to read the parenting plan in order... answer your question. If the plan doesn't give any further guidance than what you've stated above, you need to amend the plan to clarify its terms. Do you have to give the mother advance notice of your work schedule? If so, how much notice? If you are required to give 30-60 advance notice, then the nights you're entitled to exercise visitation should be pretty clear. When you have a seven day off work week, you get 4 consecutive nights. When you don't have a seven day off work week, you're entitled to exercise "co-parenting time" for three consecutive days. Is co-parenting time defined in the plan? Does it mean your child stays with you overnight? An attorney should be able to assist you with this matter.

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