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Answers to general legal questions posed by the general public

by Memphis Attorney Christina Burdette

Q: Can an employee sue a company for...

...being exposed to 'cop and 'zombie' shows in the break room that others are watching? We have had the TV for years in the employee break room without a single complaint. It has really boosted morale except w/th this one employee. We don't want to remove the TV and would like the employees to have the freedom to watch a show (on a first come, first service basis). It would do more harm at this point than good if we removed the TV or took away the remote. Could he sue us if we request him to just not pay attention to it? Any suggestions?

A: Anyone can be sued for anything,...

....anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Will they prevail? Who knows? So yes, an employee can sue a company for being exposed to "cop and zombie shows" in the break room. Will they prevail? I doubt it. They are not being forced to stay in the break room and watch the shows. They can turn around and walk out. When they are first in the break room, they can watch whatever they want to watch. If this employee is causing that many problems, draw lots on a daily basis to determine who gets to chose the channel during break time.

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