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Single Parents: Documents you need.

Being a single parent is a lot of responsibility; it isn’t easy. Hours are filled with work, school, kid’s activities, and various last minute emergencies. After tucking the children in at night, a single parent may feel that they have nothing left to give; many are just grateful that they made it through another day. But when their head hits the pillow, the worrying starts. What would happen if I died unexpectedly? What if I became incapacitated? Who would take care of my children? Who would see that they had housing and food? What about education? With some preparation and planning, children being raised by a single parent can be well-cared for, even if it’s not the single parent who does it. A well-drafted estate plan will reduce stress and conflict at a difficult time.

Single parents need to consider having the following estate planning documents:

Single parents should frequently revisit the beneficiary designations on their bank accounts, life insurance, annuity contracts, 401k plans, IRA accounts, and other retirement accounts. It would be helpful to prepare a list of personal information for someone who may have to step in the shoes of the single parent.

The list should include:

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