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Answers to general legal questions posed by the general public

by Memphis Attorney Christina Burdette

"Q: I have power if attorney of my daughter in oklahoma...

...but I need one for Tennessee how do I get one? She was adopted and the adopted mom gave me power of attorney. She lives with me know but I can't enroll her in school"

A: I can't answer this question without more information...

.....First of all, is this your daughter? If this is your daughter, and she lives with you, you should be able to enroll her in school without any documents other than to prove who she is and that she lives with you. There is such a thing as a special power of attorney for minor children, but it is given to someone other than a parent who is temporarily taking care of the child in place of the parent(s). If this isn't your daughter, perhaps you need to file a petition to become her legal guardian. With additional information I can answer your question(s).

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