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Answers to general legal questions posed by the general public

by Memphis Attorney Christina Burdette

Q: " For the state of Tennessee what constitutes adultery for grounds for divorce?

While in the military I stayed busy and being gone most of the time in the field or deployments. I married in 1988. Recently I went through a divorce trial in which I lost and was not granted a divorce - go figure. I filled in 2013, two weeks after I filled I find out by my wife that she has HPV and has throughout our marriage and had Chlamydia in during the marriage and two weeks after returning from a trip to her country she is check again for Chlamydia and Trichinosis. My question is I did not go with her but she gets checked for these. Do I have a case for divorce? "

A: Without knowing the facts of your case,...

...I would tell you that you can proceed to obtain a divorce on the grounds of inappropriate marital conduct. If you allege adultery, you will have to prove adultery. If you allege inappropriate marital conduct, you will have to prove that your wife has done something that most reasonable people would consider inappropriate behavior for a married person. There is no finite list. Obtaining a divorce on this ground is much easier than obtaining one on the grounds of adultery or any other specifically listed ground. I don't know why you were unable to succeed in getting a divorce. You need to meet with a divorce attorney who can review your file and explain to you what happened and how things can be different moving forward.

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