Accused of Child Abuse
during Divorce in Tennessee.

Because the welfare of the children is extremely important in any divorce case, the frequency of innuendo and allegation about child abuse may be more prevalent than is reasonably justified. Tennessee has a 'mandatory reporter' approach which requires anyone who suspects child abuse to report their suspicions. Child abuse investigations can be initiated by "reports from teachers, doctors, counselors, ministers, other professionals, parents of your children's friends, neighbors, relatives, or observing strangers if they have reason to believe child abuse has occurred". It is not unknown for couples in divorce proceedings to instigate these types of reports by proxy or by anonymous claims.

Having a divorce or family law attorney is critical if such allegations arise during your divorce case. A proactive approach to the Department of Children and Family Services, police investigators and prosecutors is essential.

If you are asked to attend a meeting with The Department of Children’s Services, do not attend without counsel, and do not sign any papers without approval of your attorney. Before any appearance in court for a child abuse offense, it is vital to be prepared. A judge could issue a protective order which can prevent you from having any contact with your children whatsoever.

Special rules of evidence, statues, policies and local practices often give prosecutors advantages in child abuse cases. If you are innocent, a skilled divorce or family law lawyer is vital to getting this type of allegation dismissed so you can have a future with your own children.

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