After a Divorce
Change your name in Tennessee.

Get a divorce or annulment certificate.

After a divorce has been finalized, you may apply for a copy of the certificate by mail, in person, or via the internet. Apply in person at the Tennessee Office of Vital Records in Nashville. Each copy costs $15, and you must pay an additional $4 vendor fee to use the automated kiosk, which you must use if you intend to pay with a credit card. To order copies by mail, send a completed and signed application for certified copy of certificate of divorce along with a photocopy of an identification card that includes a signature. You may also simply have your application notarized. Include a check for $15 per copy made payable to Tennessee Vital Records. To order copies of the divorce certificate online, you must go through the VitalCheck Express Certificate Service via the Tennessee Department of Health website.

Change your name with the Social Security Administration.

Complete the SS-5 form. Gather certified copies of marriage or divorce or annulment certificate. Bring the completed SS-5 form and certified copies of marriage or divorce certificates along with a Tennessee driver's license, state ID, or passport to the SSA office. You will also need a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. citizenship certificate, or work authorization letter and I-94.
  • You can also apply by mail by mailing your documents to your local SSA office along with the SS-5 form; your documents will be mailed back to you.
  • You will receive your documents and new social security card with your new name by mail.

  • Change your name on your driver's license or state ID.

    Provide a current Tennessee driver’s license (with photo), a non-expired U.S. passport, or your Social Security card to your local Driver Service Center along with proof of your name change, such as your marriage certificate (original/certified copy) or record of divorce (certified). You will have to surrender your current driver's license with your old name, and pay a fee of between $8 and $16 for a duplicate showing your new name

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