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15 tips to remember

What a divorce will be like

1. A divorce can take a very long time.
2. A divorce will irreversibly alter your life.
3. There will be days when the divorce itself consumes your schedule.
4. Divorce can be stressful and chaotic.
5. Divorce will be confusing to both parties involved.

During a divorce

1. Some lose sight of the long-term effects of their divorce.
2. You may go through traumatic moments.
3. You will sometimes be overcome with feelings of anger or sadness.
4. There is a chance of violence, verbal or physical abuse.
5. You will tend to develop a selective memory about your marriage.

How a divorce affects others

1. Relationships with in-laws become very different than previously.
2. Your children are vulnerable during and after a divorce.
3. Children may feel like they have to choose between parents.
4. Your relationship with persons of certain religious views may become strained.
5. Your friends and acquaintances may also feel the need to take sides.

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